To the Sea Dogs Community,

The sport of hockey is filled with lines – scoring lines, checking lines, red lines, blue lines, goal lines, box office lines…the list goes on forever. For the Sea Dogs, ‘Draw A Line’ is about setting goals for us and for our Port City.

All season long, we have drawn a line in the sand, establishing goals and raising our expectations of one another. Throughout our 68 game schedule, we have pushed our limits to reach the goals we set for ourselves – becoming Maritimes Division Champions, for instance.

However, in the sport of hockey there is no finish line. The lines that we have set for ourselves are simply ones we must cross in order to move forward with our journey. We enter the 2016 Playoffs as one of the youngest teams in the QMJHL and we have drawn a line as a team for each drill, each practice, each warmup, each shift, each game, taking each moment one at a time.

‘Draw A Line’ is about establishing a goal and doing everything in your power to surpass it…then repeat.

The playoffs are a long, intense, and treacherous journey for teams, especially one this young, but our lines are drawn, and we want you, the Port City, to be with us as we cross each one of them.

Danny Flynn Head Coach | Saint John Sea Dogs